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Were you involved in a car accident that wasn’t your fault? Do you wish that you had someone by your side who can provide you with a superb legal defense in the court of law? You have come to the right place because Alhambra Personal Injury is here! We will gladly provide your case with the reliable accident attorney you need. Visit our Google+ and learn more about our services!

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As an avid motorcycle rider, I know what “ road alertness” is – unfortunately most car drivers are not. I stopped at a traffic light to make a right turn, and a car decided to over take me from the left without apparent consideration for anyone else on the road. The driver pushed me and my bike on the side – I fell, hurt my knee, and my motorcycle got busted. It was time for me to seek my rights, and I wanted to have someone I can rely on for legal defense. I am more than grateful for your professional services – thank you for helping me out!